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About Us

Drainage District 3 has had the good fortune to have an outstanding working relationship with other county entities, businesses, and individuals, whose input and support has been invaluable in allowing our District to provide the services that are needed to maintain our drainage systems and help reduce the flooding within our District.

May contain: bulldozer and machine

Today, Jefferson County Drainage District No. 3 encompasses approximately 40,000 acres within its boundaries and has in excess of 450 miles of drainage ditches and navigable waterways. Under the direction of the Jefferson County Drainage District No. 3 Board of Commissioners, Frank Rose, Reginald C. Boykin, Joel Levingston, Jr., and General Manager Ruffus Lavergne, along with the District’s employees, we continue to serve the taxpayers of our District by continuing the work of improving and maintaining the drainage systems within our District that were put into place over 100 years ago.

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